A Conversation with “Michael Mensa”

The Setup

  • From: Mr. Michael Mensa <jlomibao@citistores.net>
  • Reply-To: michaelmensa333@gmail.com
  • Subject: Re: Did you receive my first mail
  • NOTE: This one isn’t very exciting, but will hopefully allow for a fun dialog. Let’s watch!

Good Day,

I am Michael Mensa, I have sent you two emails and you did not respond, I even sent another one few days ago with more details still no response, please are you still using this email address?

I am VERY SORRY if sincerely you did not receive those emails, I will resend it now as soon as you confirm you never received them.

Michael Mensa



I received this email from you, but not any others (I even checked my spam!). Are you sure you’ve got the right address?

If you think you’ve got the right person, can you try resending the original emails?

Thank you much,

JJ Smith!


Hello Joe Smith,

Goodevening, I want to disclose a very sensitive information to you. My name is Michael Baah Mensah, I work with Barclays Bank, I discovered a file and information in the Office Computer Database containing a Transfer sum of US$2.8 Million attached to your name, with the following details.

Beneficiary: Joe Smith
Transfer Sum: US$2.8 Million

Due date: 2014

Country: United States of America

Email: joe.smith.bis1@gmail.com

From records, it seems to be a Payment processed with your name via our Bank,You should know better. Series of meetings has been held in the Bank here, because some attempts has been made by one of the top officers to pay this money into a switzerland account which has not been possible because some other staffs are aware of this floating sum and might expose him so.

From the records here, this payment has been delayed for some funny reasons which come up from time to time and I guess you may have made attempts to receive this money but some how your efforts was just a waste of time and energy, some corrupt staff normally use it as advantage to extort money from people. This money is the amount approved at the moment, l believe it is not the total money owed. I decided to give you this hint and also tell you what is going on. If you follow the normal Banking procedures, our Director will do everything to frustrate you by demanding some unofficial payments from you before they could release the fund to you since they always want to use the money for turnover, it will be difficult for you. believe me.

I do not know if you have paid any money already and how much you have spent regarding this, but it is a pity you may have paid some irrelevant fees. Africa is so corrupt that bribery is what is obtainable here.

I am a man of 43 years, a Born Again Christian, I do not want you to keep spending for nothing, my conscience does not allow me to condone such evil. I want to help you to get this fund Transferred to your account, only make sure you follow my instructions, if you can cooperate with me, I have information to give you, which will help you get this money fast.

You don’t know me before, but I wish to help. But you will promise me that after you receive your fund, you can appreciate my kind gesture from your heart. Meanwhile any person contacting you from our Bank in this regards, please ignore that person for now or let me know. My identity has to remain confidential because once they get to know am feeding you with facts, they will cut off my link to get those details, my spirit led me to assist you. You will agree with me that the African Banking system is not encouraging at all.

Please do not forget that this has to be between you and me strictly. As soon as I am confident in you, I will advice you further.

Confirm that you received this mail before tomorrow, so that I can unfold other details.

Michael Baah



I am so glad to find another Born Again Christian out there seeking to help others as Jesus helped his flock. It would seem that the lord has answered my prayers in the form of a $2.8M bank account! It doesn’t get much better than that!

What do you need from me to earn your confidence? I stand ready and willing to do the Lord’s work!

God Bless!

JJ Smith!

PS: Your director sounds like the devil himself, come to earth to prey upon our poor souls. I hope for the sake of your bank that you get his job when something bad inevitably happens to him.


Hello Joe,

Goodevening, how are you today, l am sorry for my silence for the past few days. Unfortunately l was sent to far away Egypt where our bank was opening a new branch, l was selected as one of the representatives in the HR department which is my main field.I was selected as one of the foreign observers for their recruitment and selection processes to ensure that the due process is followed.

I was totally out of rich and the notice was so sudden to me because l wasnt meant to be part of the team, but l was asked to replace someone at the last minute.

It was an interesting experience l must say, l have not traveled outside my country in a long while. However l am back, l thought it wise to write you now and also hear from you before l send you further directives as you requested. Once again am very sorry for the delay.

I hope to hear from you soonest.

Michael Baah